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HTM serves victims (men and women) of domestic violence, rape and sexual harassment. The common denominator for each is control. There is nothing like feeling alone and like there is no one to tell or who would understand. Having to face reporting what is happening or has happened is frightening. HTM does not intend for any victim to face any of these abuses alone and yes, workplace sexual harassment is a form of abuse. You will not be alone. There are resources for you to receive counseling, legal services (to include sexual harassment), emergency shelter, help with protective orders/peace orders and medical care. You Deserve Respect.

Domestic Violence


Women and Men suffer in silence. It never discriminates and love is not a factor. The abuser is insecure and feels the need to control the victim. There are various reasons why victims do not leave the abuse, examples are fear,  threats of harm to self, children, the victim or other family and no financial resources.



Anyone can be a victim of rape. A weapon is not always presented in situations of rape. There may be only the element of physical force. Approximately, 8 out of 10 sexual assaults are done without weapons.

Sexual Harassment


The threat of being fired is a main reason why victims are afraid to seek help. There are many loose policies in workplaces that do not protect victims.

Many times, victims are retaliated against if, they speak out.




Our Message to Victims – “You Can Heal”




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