Heart On The Mend provides training, awareness and prevention services.

We offer services training, awareness and prevention to public and private organizations, to include faith leaders, community members, colleges, universities and government agencies.  In our training program design, training is customized to the needs of the clients, theories, that assist clients in their  efforts to support victims and survivors.

Request Training/Technical Assistance
Contact us if you would like to HTM Training team to facilitate a workshop at your organization, agency or department.

Training topics include:

Trauma-informed Care/Victim-Centered Advocacy
Crisis Intervention and Safety Planning
Vicarious Trauma and Self Care
DV Laws and Protection Orders–Types, Conditions, Full Faith & Credit
Confidentiality, Mandated Reporting and Service Provider Laws and Provisions
Effects of domestic violence on the brain and how it affects responses when triggered
How to identify idicators of abuse in employees


To outsource to our network of partners that are specialized in various services to meet the  immediate needs of victims as quickly as possible.  We have come together, rolled up our sleeves and are ready to help.


Free legal representation and advocacy for victims to help them move through the legal system and procedures.

Court Advocate
to accompany victims to court so that they will not feel alone.  Being in court is very frustrated, stressful and can be confusing.  There are various steps that have to be taken in order to be successful in filing a peace order  or protective order.  A Court Advocate can be there for support and to help victims understand the process.

Caring About Military Families (CAMF)

Many Veterans return home suffering from PTSD and it is very hard to adjust and transition to a place that used to be called home.  The percentage of domestic violence incidences is on the increase and we offer counseling service specific to Veterans.
Stress Management

Men and Women of abuse experience high levels of stress that affect everyday life.  Information will be provided to target specific stress triggers to alleviate possible health problems that can stem from high stress levels.
Nutritional Education

Each victim will be assigned a case manager to monitor and update their case. Someone who can answer questions and provide sources for food, clothes, medical assistance and additional essential needs for survival.
Victims Advocate

Victims advocates will aid victims that are in need of emergency attention to file a protective order or peace order, or in need of immediate medical care due to abuse and rape. Victims will be connected with physicians who can provide care after the initial emergency medical care.
From The Inside Out

While working on the inside, victims can receive a makeover to feel beautiful on the outside.  They will be styled by one of our partner hairstylist and clothing boutiques.  They can feel good about being ready for a job interview or simply looking good because they deserve it.

For information please contact 301-549-8433