Founded in 2014 by Oreadea Treadwell, a poet, an advocate, a motivational speaker, a woman who made history in her county, yet, she became a victim of domestic violence and workplace sexual harassment. First, she experienced domestic violence in her former marriage and decided to begin a journey to help other victims, which led in her recognition by a Maryland state Senator to be the first to host a walkathon in her region.

Years later, she was hired by her local Health Department and there, she was sexually harassed by her boss. It was a grueling, life interrupting experience that revealed no resources in the entire area that was dedicated to helping victims of workplace sexual harassment.  Ultimately, help was provided by a crime victims center that was able to help her under the stalking law. Her boss had begun stalking her,  if not for the unfortunate element of stalking, there was no organization that could assist.

The journey for help to fight against sexual harassment was long with no where to turn.  Oreadea turned to the local Sheriffs Office for protection and filed a Peace Order in court. There were so many places that she sought for help, there was not that one place. She was considered a whistleblower and was fired.  Through her experience going to various levels in her organization for help.  She discovered that their were many gaps in the organization and in the court system.  Thereafter, she founded HTM.

Oreadea is now speaking to various audiences regarding the affects of bullying, sexual harassment and domestic violence.  She also, speaks on healing after trauma, and utilizes this platform to help others focus on self improvement and growth in order to move toward making their dreams come true.

The Equal Employment Commission (EEOC) reported alleged Sexual Harassment Filings from 2010-2013.  http://www.eeoc.gov/eeoc/statistics/enforcement/sexual_harassment_new.cfm

According to National Domestic Violence Hotline, 12 million men and women are victims of domestic violence per year. This statistics reflects those cases that are reported.

HTM is dedicated to the support for male and female victims, ending systemic mixups, closing gaps between the victim and the the judicial system and pushing for accountability for the abuser/harasser and agencies that employ them.  To train and educate organizations in the skill and ability through implementing proper policies and procedures to assist abused employees.


Mission: To educate, train employers and employees on abuse victims of domestic violence, rape and sexual harassment. To give them empowerment and resources to help address abuse efficiently, quickly and most successfully.